Hotel Kryp Inn

NEW PRIZES! From 1/1-2015 we have new prizes for our rooms. We have invested in a brand new heating systems for your best comfort. So welcome in from the cold.

500 meters from the center of Norberg, close to art, shopping and music events. Here your stay will be like home, but with an atmosphere of Bergslagen. Each room is designed with the consideration of function and the feeling of being at home in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible. A small breakfast buffet is served.

Our surroundings
Norberg is in the northern part of Västmanland in an area called Bergslagen. Here in Bergslagen you can experience mileswide forests and hiking trails, go swimming in lakes and go fishing in smaller and bigger lakes. You can also take part of the local mining history by visiting Nya Lapphyttan or the mining areas of Svinryggen or Klackberg, or you can just refill your energy with the fresh air and tranquility.